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1-Cup Pour-Over Coffeemaker - Red

One Cup Pour-Over Brewer
  • Uses #2 size cone filters
  • Handcraft a cup of coffee with the time-honored Melitta pour-over method.
  • A fast, inexpensive way to bring out coffee’s true flavor with these easy steps
    • Simply place on top of your coffee mug or carafe, pop in the Melitta cone filter, add your favorite finely ground coffee to taste and pour boiling water over the grounds slowly.
  • New cone design enables you to see into the cup without lifting to avoid overfill
  • Plastic brew cone designed to fit many size mugs
  • Comes with a start-up supply of Melitta #2 cone filters
  • Product Dimensions:  11.3 x 12.7 x11.5 cm
The Melitta Pour-Over System is available at Canadian Tire, Walmart and Home Hardware.

Demo Video