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100% Colombian (Whole Bean)

Melitta 100% Colombian Whole Bean Coffee Available in Canada
Melitta’s Colombian Coffee is made from the finest Arabica beans hand-picked from the mountains of Colombia. A classic medium roast coffee known for its rich taste and aroma.

Colombian Whole Bean Coffee is available in 907g bag. 

Melitta is synonymous the world over with coffee indulgence. Quite fittingly, we're also revered as ambassadors of Me-time indulgence. Our secret, we use only 100% high altitude Arabica coffee beans - the very best coffee beans in the world. They produce a denser coffee cherry, resulting in a smoother, more flavourful cup of coffee. The result, your soul is soothed, and your spirit... awakened. 

Melitta offers a truly world-class collection of premium coffees, each distinctively rich, uniquely flavourful, and velvety smooth. At Melitta we believe good coffee has cachet - it's delicious, adds richness to your daily routine, and turns Me-time into something truly special.