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100% Colombian Supremo

100% Colombian Supremo
Melitta's 100% Colombian Supremo Roast and Ground Coffee is a medium roast, ground extra fine. It is available in 454g bag.

From a rugged, and precipitous landscape known for it’s breathtaking scenery and active volcanoes comes a well-balanced, rich coffee with superior body and a sparkling finish. Grown at extremely high altitudes, on an exotic landscape of green-blue mountains, and nurtured by a heavenly mix of sun, rain, and fertile rich volcanic soil, the optimum conditions for growing this superior coffee is created.

In the world's best coffee producing regions, there remain a select number of farmers who have grown coffee the same way for generations. They plant and nurture each coffee tree using only environmentally friendly techniques. They harvest each crop by hand. The coffee from these farms is 100% organic and the flavour is pure... the way nature intended it to be. Melitta uses only these premium quality high-altitude arabica beans in our line of World Harvest Organic Coffees. Our World Harvest organic coffees are 100% Fair Trade certified, which means Melitta and its customers support a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and environmental sustainability.