Melitta is firmly committed to protecting our customers' and consumers' privacy. This is our pledge to you:

When viewing pages on the Melitta Canada Inc. website , no information is collected on the user, including email address. Information voluntarily requested from website visitors can include full name, email address, mailing address and other contact information. You may opt out of information you may not want to give by choosing not to fill in any of the fields or by selecting "No" to the question "Can we email you about news and promotions?". The information you have consented for use will not be distributed outside of Melitta Canada Inc., unless required by law. The information so gathered will be disposed of by software to make the information unreadable and if any printouts are made, they will be destroyed within six months of the information being obtained. For more information on the Privacy Policy or to email any concerns, please contact

We do not track individuals' use of the Melitta Canada Inc. website. We may monitor visitor traffic patterns and site usage to help us improve our site, but we never attempt to connect this information to individual visitors.

We may occasionally use the data you provide to inform you of special offers and announcements. You may opt out of receiving such announcements at any time by emailing

We have taken every measure to protect our servers and networks with state-of-the-art firewalls. Behind these barriers, your information is stored on a secure server in an encrypted form.

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  • Our Paper Pledge
  • Trees are one of nature's
    few renewable resources.
    Melitta will make an annual donation to the Canadian Forestry Association to conserve this important resource for future generations.