Filters & Brewing

Having invented the world's first coffee filter...
you could say we know a thing or two about brewing coffee.

The coffee filter you use is as important to the end taste of your coffee as the brand of coffee, type of coffee bean, coffeemaker or water that is used. While your coffeemaker may dictate the shape of filter that you need, there are many options to choose from that can influence the flavour of your coffee.

Melitta's filters are made exclusively from southern pine pulp in order to maximize the absorbency of bitter oils and acids resulting in a less bitter, richer, smoother cup of coffee, unlike permanent gold filters. Melitta paper filters produce a healthier cup of coffee. Only paper filters remove fatty oils which can increase cholesterol levels. Metal filters will not eliminate the risk of increasing cholesterol levels. Melitta basket and cone filters are available in classic white or natural brown.

Melitta Cone Filter Paper are the only filters that have patented flavour enhancing micro-perforations that provide the perfect extraction for a richer more flavorful coffee. All Melitta cone filters are also double crimped so they are guaranteed never to burst.

Melitta's Paper Pledge

Trees are one of nature's few renewable resources. Melitta will make an annual donation to the Canadian Forestry Association, to conserve this important resource for future generations.